Love is such a strong feeling. In fact, too strong that you cannot let it go once you are captured by its magic. When you meet that right person at the right time and fall in love deeply… truly… madly, you want to spend the rest of your life with that someone. Just as how special that woman is for you, you want your proposal to be special as well. That kind of proposal that your woman will never ever forget, that kind of proposal that will guarantee you a “yes”, and that kind of proposal that your beloved will never regret that she said that 3-letter-word to you.

Time and again, a marriage proposal is something that can get the nerves out from a lot of men. They became nervous and can’t relax just by thinking of proposing, planning it and executing the act. But before anything else, you should first think of how can you propose to your lady love. There are a lot of ways to ask her that one question, from the simple asking “Will you marry me?” over a sunset to grand gestures with flash mobs or flying jets.

Creative proposal ideas are becoming a trend nowadays for men, and even women (Yes! Some women propose to their male partners too). In this article, I do not want to list the romantic ways to propose because I want you to create a proposal that is personal for you and your future life partner. Since, you are the only one who know things that will excite your partner, what I can do is to guide you and provide tips on how to have an unforgettable proposal.

3 Cute And Creative Ways To Propose Your Girl

cute ways to propose a girl

Our aim is to create a personalized proposal that is within your fingertips. I will include some examples here that men did to propose to their girlfriends and you may follow it or better yet, create your own awesome idea. So, let’s get started and go over with these tips so that you can execute a proposal that is significant and meaningful for the both of you.

1. Use Your Skill Or Talent

As a child, we were always told to share our talents and skills to others. Wouldn’t it be great if you share it to your girlfriend on the day that you ask her to share the rest of your life with you? If you are good at dancing, you can perform a flash mob like what most dancers do. If you are a great singer, you can sing in the middle of a restaurant and propose. Or if you are an athlete, you can make use of your team members to stage a one of a kind proposal during a game.

If you think that flash mobs are too mainstream, then you can think of new ways such as making a short dancing film like High School Musical with an ending proposal scene and stage a fake program where you can play it. If you think singing in a restaurant is too common, then make an original composition and serenade her or have it played in a local radio while she’s listening. If you’re a basketball player and proposing in front of a crowd is too public, propose to her privately using balls. Let her sit somewhere and roll balls with the letters W-I-L-L Y-O-U M-A-R-R-Y M-E. If you are a swimmer, take her to swim and place the ring underneath the pool.

Seriously, the list goes on and on and on. Once you combine your talent with your creative mind, you can surely pull up one of the most unique ways to propose.

2. Make Use Of Her Daily Routine

You may or may not follow this one depending on your choice. If you plan to propose to her while on a vacation on a different country, obviously her routines are different and this is not applicable then. However, if you want the element of surprise and to caught her off guard, you must keep it low key and act as normally as you can.

For example, one man had his proposal advertised on a newspaper! Yes, this really happened. So, if your girlfriend have this habit of reading the daily papers, surprise her with that newspaper proposal. If you have scheduled movie nights, you can propose to her using the big screen. Ask your local cinema to play a proposal trailer before the start of the movie. Or it can even be as simple as planning it on her morning jog in the park. You can set stations or have people give her flowers as she takes her usual route while you are waiting in the end to pop that question.

3. Have Family And Friends

One of the best ways to propose is when you do it with your family and closest friends who witnessed your relationship through its ups and downs from day 1 and up to the present. A marriage proposal is such an intimate event and having the support of family and friends who both love you and wants to see you tie the knot will help you calm your nerves and assist you to keep your ground.

There is this one video in YouTube where the guy proposed to her girlfriend in a Marry Me Lip Sync video. He asked their family and friends to participate in the video making it more personal as they start another chapter of their relationship with the people closest to them.

However, if you want to propose to her with only the two of you to make it more passionate and romantic, at least, involved your family and friends with the planning. Friends and family members know your bride-to-be and her likes and dislikes. They usually have great ideas on the perfect proposal set-up that will surely earn you a yes.

There really are a lot of creative ways to propose and when you search the net, it will provide you with quite a number of unique ways to propose to your girl. Some are simple while some are grand. Some are carefully planned while some are out of the blue. Some are tear-jerking while some are funny. But all these proposals earned a heart stopping yes from their beautiful lady love. You may follow these proposals or you may create your own. But whatever is your mode of asking her hand for marriage, what’s really significant is your sincerity and your genuine love to her. Love is the most important thing as you move on another chapter in your relationship so you should make it the foundation of your proposal plans.