Many men think that girls are complex beings and they usually don’t know how to deal with us. I might agree that ladies are complex but this doesn’t mean that we are hard to deal with. We find it quite funny when we hear men complain that they can’t even approach us nor talk to us. Mind you, we don’t bite. Though some girls may have this superior kind of aura that tends to push men away, they are still humans who you can talk to and impress.

All girls, regardless of their attitudes and statuses in life, are just the same. We have the heart. We feel things. We ogle at boys. We are passionate. We loved. Yes, even the girls who you think are stone-hearted and can’t feel anything are like this.

Girls may have different likes and dislikes when it comes to things. But whatever these differences are, we always agree on some points about men. As a girl, I will help you know more about what we look for in a man, the ways that can impress us and how you can get our attention.

How To Impress A Girl?

How To Impress A Girl

First, let’s talk about how to talk to girls. Obviously, you should have the courage to approach us. Most girls like to be approached and not be the one to approach. Once you have approached us, you should look at our eyes and maintain eye contact. We usually find guys who make eye contact more appealing because it makes them more confident. Also, don’t forget the power of a smile. With eye contact and a smile, surely you’ll catch our attention.

Introduce yourself in a nice way. Don’t be too dramatic, it’s just an introduction after all. Keep it simple and plain. Keep in mind that girls love to make first impressions. Though our first impression about you may not last as we get to know you better, it is still important to make a great impression because our notion about you will determine the length of our conversation. If our first impression of you is boring or somewhat negative, we might back off without knowing you deeper.

Start a conversation naturally. However, stay away from personal stuffs. Most girls feel awkward if a guy whom she barely knows ask her things related to her private life. Keep the conversation casual and eventually a girl will open up to you on her own accord.

What’s really important to girls like me when we talk to men is the sincerity of being himself. Women have great intuitions which mean that we easily know if the guy we are talking to is just out there to brag himself, or if he’s just lying to get our attention. It is important that you should just be yourself so that we will not set false expectations from you. In this case, we can build a good foundation through honesty.

As we go along the way of our conversation, how you can impress us depends on you. A woman likes to be the center of your attention. So if you talk to her, just focus on her. Catch her interests so that you will have a topic to talk about and she will not get bored. Impressing her will also require a bit of your creative ideas. Make her laugh by telling jokes and funny stories because even after she went home and she remembers your good sense of humor, she’ll smile and will remember you as well.

How to attract women will also depend on how you carry yourself. Women are more attracted to men who know how to carry himself well in front of other people. It is in a woman’s nature to be naturally submissive. Hence, no matter how strong and confident a woman is, she will still look for a dominant man. A submissive man may easily bore her because there will be no challenge for her if the man gives in to her every desires. It’s true that we feel loved when we are given what we want and you spoil us. But sometimes, it gets boring too. However, being dominant may still have its limits. You should still allow a woman to speak her point on matters and not control her as this will make her feel important.

What more is that we are attracted to men who make us feel secure. Yes, security. Once we feel safe with a certain person, we develop trust and definitely establish a good relationship with them. Security plays an important role not only during the first meeting but all throughout the relationship whether you’ll just stay as friends or be more than that. This security will also determine how we build a strong foundation for a relationship with a man because once we sense safety, we tend to feel comfortable and at ease with your company.

Another one that we, women, are impress about is a man’s stability. When I say stability, I don’t mean nice house nor expensive cars (though some women prefer that). Stability in a sense that the guy have a stable career which can fend for him and his needs; a stable life which is free from unnecessary stress; and stable relationships with the people around him because this will help us determine how the guy handles people. Once we know that a guy leads a stable life, he will automatically earn our respect.

With all these in mind, I hope that you can impress the girl that you want. If you are not yet sure of yourself, work it out first. Though being motivated by a girl might help, I strongly suggest that you make yourself as your own motivation to achieve these things. You should think that you are doing this for yourself and not just for attracting girls. Mind you, any self-motivation is stronger than any external motivating factor. Once you have the courage to approach a girl, talk to her and be proud of yourself in front of her, then congratulations! You can surely charm your way to any girl’s heart.