Sparks in the relationship with your man will start to fizzle out as days pass by. It is easy to give all that your man wants, but making him to miss you and to work for whatever you give him requires the application of some tactics. This article gives you excellent tips on how to make a man miss you.

How To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You?

How To Make A Man Miss You1. Do Not Make Yourself Available To Him Round The Clock

Showing yourself to be busy is one of the best tricks out there to make a guy miss you. If you start letting him know that you are available for him 24×7, he gets to sense that he is your sole activity, your life’s ultimate need. This can never make him miss you. Instead, your availability will only annoy him. So, keep your personal life and your relationship with him side by side. Pay attention to him only when required. Hang out with him, and with your friends, relatives and family members. By doing so, your limited presence in his life will make him value your time spent with him, miss you in your absence, and look ahead for spending more valuable time with you.

2. Leave Your Little Belongings With Him

 Leaving something behind when you are away from him will constantly jog his memory. You can leave your precious little possessions such as hair clip, wristwatch, or bracelet to keep reminding him of you. This is an intelligent trick to make your boyfriend miss you when you are absent. Besides, a clever gesture of yours will not only make him to miss you, but also to look forward to meet you for returning your belonging.

3. Do Not Respond Straightaway To His Calls, Texts And Dating Requests

If you respond instantly to his calls, texts or dating requests, he will start thinking that you always have him on your mind, and that you have no other work to do except waiting for his intimations. It is important to show him that you have your own life. So, when he calls you, pick up only after it has rung several times. Likewise, do not respond to his texts or dating requests immediately. Let him wait eagerly for your reply. Occasionally, play the following trick on him. When he asks for a date with you, tell him that you are busy and it can be fixed this time. If he accepts this straightaway, the best has been done. However, if he keeps on insisting, tell him that you will try and surprise him with your presence later on! This way, he will surely miss you during the waiting period and will be immensely happy in your presence.

4. Be Well Dressed

Another important way by which you can make hi to miss you is by dressing yourself well. Buy some well fitting clothes and accessories that go well with those. Dress up attractively whenever you get out of your home. This will leave an unforgettable image of you in his eyes and mind even in your absence. If you lack a good sense of dressing, get the help of someone who is naturally blessed with it, or read some useful blogs to develop it on your own.

5. Recall Your Wonderful Day To Him

Having fun without your man is one of the best ways to make him miss you. Your man wishes that he is the only thing on the earth that makes you happy. When he gets to know that you are enjoying without him (may be with your friends, relatives, family members, or classmates), he really wishes that he had a part in it. Since he likes to be the one to make you happy, he will observe you more and pay you more attention when he knows that you are happy without him.

6. Incorporate A “No Contact” Period

If you sense that your man is paying less attention to you than before, or that he is giving you a cold shoulder, it is high time that you incorporate a no contact period into your monotonous routine. During this period, you should have no contact at all with him. Do not answer his calls or texts; do not get involved in anything concerning his life; and do not respond to him through Facebook or any other means. Let him take the initiative to contact you. This no contact period will give him a chance to miss you.

7. Wear His Favorite Perfume

When you meet a person, his or her specific perfume or shampoo fragrance stays in your mind even in the absence of him or her. Apply the trick of wearing his favorite scent whenever you would meet him. Men are generally fascinated by attractive body odor. So, in order to make him miss you in your absence, wear his favorite scent. You can also use high quality body lotion or shampoo.

8. Slow Down Physical Intimacy

 Slowing down physical intimacy increases your man’s passion for you. Besides, this also protects you from being heartbroken, misleads and blindsided. It is quite easy to fall for the power of your love hormones, and confuse the feeling with true love. But, true love has a lot more to do than mere sexual chemistry. Make sure that your relationship has genuine love, compatibility, friendship, strong commitment, care, and good communication. These are the basic requirements in a relationship that is deep enough for him to miss you. You need not keep wondering on how to make a man miss you.

9. Value Yourself

 A man only misses a woman who he values. In order that he values you, you should value yourself in the first place. Carry yourself with self-respect, self-love and dignity. This will gain his desire and respect for you. Be kind, sweet, happy, loving and generous to yourself first, and then to others. This will make you more appealing.

10. Be Strong

The more borderlines you set regarding what you will not do and the way you expect others to treat you, the more he will try to please you in order to win you. So, maintain strong standards for protecting your happiness and accomplishing your needs. This will let him know the level of investment that is expected from him to enjoy your company. A man who is really committed to you will generously invest his attention, time, affection and money on you. Only this type of man will miss you.