It is natural for a girl to seek more attention from her boy friend. The lovely things in you that made him fall for you are forgotten, you are gradually taken for granted, and your relationship becomes stale. You start longing for his attention, you want him to love you more or in a better way. If the answers to all these questions are a yes, here are tips on how to make your boy friend want you more. Start applying them in your lives and you will be seeing note worthy differences in a short while.

How To Make Your Man Want You More?

How To Make Your Boy Friend Want You More1. Start Looking Good

It important for you to look good in order that your man loves you more. Men are shallow, and your physical appearance matters a lot your guy. You should look good enough so that eyes turn towards you when you are with him. This will make him happy and feel up. He will start appreciating your presence in his life. You can start looking good by spending some time on your appearance each day. You should get in shape, get a clean skin, wear nice clothes, smell good, take a healthy diet, and get enough sleep. There are many ideas over the net on how to look good without putting in much effort.

2. Respect Yourself

When you respect yourself, your boy friend too will respect and admire you. Be confident in yourself. This requires ego and confidence on yourself. If you lack self-respect, read some good books on how to develop this valuable trait in you.

3. Connect With Your Friends

Every now and then, make plans on your own, go out with your group of friends. Have interesting conversations, believe in you, and feel good about yourself. He will start missing you more especially when you are not in his reach.

4. Have Your Own Life

Understand that your boy friend is just a part of your life, not the whole of it. If you are always available for him or if you are always in his reach, you will be taken for granted by him. So lead your own life.

5. Try New Things In Bed

The same old predictable routine gets boring with time. So, spend some time thinking about what new thing can be done in bed. You can get tons of info on this from the net. Try those that you find comfortable, and make sex enjoyable for you both.

6. Be Smart

Get to know what is going on in the world. You can watch the daily news channel or current affairs. It is men’s nature to think that they are smarter than girls are. When proven wrong by some women, they take such women more seriously. Be one such woman in his life. Let him admire your smartness.

7. Be A Hard To Get Girl

Let your boy friend never take you for granted. Whenever you feel that he is taking you lightly, fix it right away. He will get scared; and he will get into the realization that you are not that kind who can be taken for granted.

8. Display Your Affection In Public

Men love when their better part publicly displays their affection for them. It makes them feel lucky and admired. You can praise him, wrap your arms around him, or hold his hands in the public in order to show your appreciation for him. He will get to like you more this way.

9. Avoid Him If He Disrespects You

If you sense that he is disrespectful towards you, just walk away. Do not pick his calls or answer his texts, this will scare him enough not to take you lightly the next time. This does not mean that you are throwing a tantrum at him, but that you respect yourself well. This will make your boyfriend want you more.

10. Have Your Own Dreams

Be ambitious in life. Have your own set of dreams and achievements. When your boy friend boasts of his achievements and passions, start discussing yours with him. This will gain his respect for you.

Above given are perfectly working tips on how to make your boyfriend want you more. You need to combine these with certain other things that have to be avoided in order to make him long for your attention. Read on to find out what they are.

6 Things To Avoid In Order To Make Your Boyfriend To Love You More:
  1. Make Yourself Easily Unavailable

Do not be available for him always. This includes answering his calls or texts right away; and changing your plans to fit into his. Make it clear to him that your life is yours, and that he has to take you seriously else you will not be by his side.

  1. Don’t Be A Weakling

In cases when he makes last minute changes, leaves you alone in between your date to be with his friends, or postpones a date for stupid reasons, do not take it as such. Whenever he does one such thing, teach him a lesson by hanging out with another cute guy. This way he will learn that he can’t meddle with you.

  1. Don’t Long To Please Him

Pleasing your partner should be a mutual one. If you find that it is going in one way, with you giving and him constantly receiving benefits, it is high time that you put an end to it. Stop taking measures to please him always. Instead, manipulate him to take effort in gaining your attention again.

  1. Do Not Be The First To Make Up At All Times

Making up for one’s mistakes is important, but not when you are taken for granted. And never be the first one to own up, especially if it is not your fault. The next time you end up fighting, and he behaves as usual, give him a cold shoulder or just ignore him. He will come back after swallowing his pride if he really cares.

  1. Do Not Be Desperate For Him

Being clingy and needy shows that you are desperate for him. No guy will feel good to be with a desperate girl. So let him know that you are independent. You should appear to him like a person who is capable of sorting out her own affairs. Make him feel that every single minute that he spends with you are a big privilege!

  1. Don’t Always Be In Need Of His Help

It is true that men love to be a savior for their better parts as it makes them feel manly. But seeking their help often makes you too weak intellectually.