So, you broke up and now feeling so low that you can’t even manage to be on your own. If you have recently split up with your love, you feel sick to your stomach, with no energy left. But to be very honest, if you really want your ex back, you have to be active because no one wants to be with a sad sack couch potato. And if you’re thinking that roses and jeweleries are all enough to get her back, you are wrong. These materialistic things don’t work always, especially when someone has taken such a hard decision of breaking up with her love. In this article, I have listed out 5 amazing tips to the question — how to get your ex girlfriend back?

How to Get Your Ex Back?

Before giving you the tips on getting her back, I would like to advise you to first introspect yourself and find the mistakes you have done in past. Wait wait wait….not the superficial mistakes but this time go into the depth. Many times guys mistake to take a blow up conversation as the reason of break up. But that is not true, if someone really loves you, she/he can’t leave you for a single argument or fight. Especially girls don’t leave their guys for an argument or wrong use of words.

I don’t know the exact reason of your breakup but I can say that mostly girls leave boys because of who you are. I know its bitter but you have to digest it because truths are always bitter. She left you because of you, because of your attitude and irresponsible nature. Take responsibility. Take responsibility to accept your fault. This is not a problem that can be solved with text messages. You have to work on yourself if you want an amazing, healthy and lasting relationship. You need to build self-esteem. And finally, it’s time to put some hard work for your love.

So, here are the five steps to get her back. I’m not guarantying anything but I can assure you that if you will follow these steps, your chances of getting her back will go up to 40 to 90 percent.

Tip 1: Give Some Time To Yourself

Giving time to yourself means understand yourself. Try to know what you want in your relationship. I said above that your girl left you because of who you are. But sometimes contrary happens, maybe there are chances that she left you because of her nature not yours. So before blaming yourself, try to find out the real reason but without telling her. Dig more and more as you can before reaching to any conclusion.

Because this is the initial stage of before doing anything, after that if you find your mistakes, go and try to get her.

Tip 2: Take Care Of Yourself

Take care of yourself doesn’t mean to go gym and make body to impress her. No, it means to bring some positive changes in yourself. Keep yourself away from her some time and make the fullest out of it. If you just want to stay at home and just be miserable, things are not going to work like this. Go out, visit new places, do something exciting and adventurous, do something that makes you feel happy. Because there is a very simple mantra, if you don’t love yourself, you can’t give love to anyone.

Tip 3: Get Real

Never ever lie to yourself or to her. Say what you really feel. But again, before saying to her, ask yourself why you want her back. Is it her beauty attracting you or her nature? Why you don’t want to leave her? The fear of losing her is compelling you to get her back or the insecurity inside you? Fear of losing someone and insecurity inside you has a minute difference. First know that difference then try to contact her.

Tip 4: Show Her The Positive You

After doing all the meditation and introspection and spending time on you. Take the next step, only if you feel you’re ready for it. Like I said earlier there is no guarantee of anything but there are chances if give your best, she will be yours for the rest of your life. If in these no contact period, she texted you or called you, it’s well enough but if not don’t feel bad and text her, show her guy with whom she fell in love, not the guy she broke up. Make it light, flirty and fun.

Tip 4: Try to meet her

After some chit-chat if you are sure that things are normal than before, try to meet her up for a coffee or tea. Don’t show your desperation in your very first meeting only. Try to listen her and analyze what she really wants. Don’t ask her for any favour, sometimes a little casualness is better than spoiling things. Avoid regular meetings and sometimes wait for her willingness also. Don’t always be the first to ask for a date, let her do also.

Tip 5: Go Further

After some meetings, if you find the reason and realize your problems, try to sort it out then; but not by your words but by your action. Show her that you’ve really changed and you are working really hard on it. Girls always like a little sensitive, sensible and humorous guys. Try to be that and make her feel like you’re always for her. I’m not saying to change yourself but a little change that is positive and will bring happiness in your life is always yourself. If your girl is independent type, give her space but support her in different ways. If your girl is not so open and independent, give her your emotional support and make her feel like you’re always her for her as supporter.

At last but not the least, after all the getting-up-together, it’s time to really work on your relationship to make it forever and ever. Show her that you’re willing to be a better partner. This time around, you need good communication and a lot of patience.