In today’s fast-paced world, people have hardly time for themselves, and hence, maintaining relationships is getting tougher day by day. As we know, building a relationship is not an easy task but breaking one is very easy. Therefore, in today’s time where people are too busy in their life, more of the relationships are on the verge of their end than the ones that are at their starting phase. However, as it is said-‘Where there is a will; there is a way.’ Similarly, if you are feeling that your relationship is also going through the hard times, and you want to save it, you will have to work a lot on it. Not only you but your partner, both will have to give time to the relationship, you will have to talk with each other. However, having a healthy relationship is not as difficult as you think. It only requires some efforts from both the sides to make everything work between you. Now you may be thinking, how to have a healthy relationship? Do not be sad and disappoint because, here is a superb article to make everything work between you two and bring all the life to your relationship, which you both had the beginning of it.

how to have a healthy relationship

What Is The Importance Of Relationship?

Today’s time is the time where everyone thinks that to have the strong career is more important than to have a strong relationship. However, the truth is just opposite. You can never have a strong career without having a strong relationship whether that relationship is with your partner, your friends or even your parents. Every human being demands the social contacts, therefore, no matter how old you are, what is your nationality, you are a male or female, at some point, everyone gets the feeling that without relationship life is empty. If you have the healthy relationship, there will be excitement and fun in your life. You will feel less stress and fulfilled. Every relationship is rewarding, but there may be times when you have to struggle a bit to maintain your relationships. To make your relationship healthy and long lasting, presented here some of the awesome ways, this will work for you.

How To Have A Healthy Relationship?

Building a healthy relationship is not an overnight work. You have to keep on trying every day, every second to make it better. Try some of these relationship improvement formulae, and we can bet that these formulae will bring all the charm and excitement in your life.

Never Ask- ‘How Was Your Day?’

At any cost, do not commit the mistake of asking the aforementioned question. We are fully aware that at the end of a very hectic day, it seems a genuine question. However, if you look closely, this question you ask from every other person you meet at the end of the day. Then what is so interesting about it? Because you are going to get the reply as ‘Fine, how was yours?’ it will not at all improve the relationship between you two, rather it will make it so boring.

Therefore, to make it more interesting, you may ask, ‘What was the special moment of today that made you smile?’ or ‘What was the most challenging part of the day?’ You will get amazed on the answers you will get. Moreover, your relationship will get stronger, and there will be a spark in your life. You will be able to know each other well by getting the insights of your life.

Try To Express Your True Feelings To Each Other

During the times of disputes and other emotions like anger, annoyance, we mostly tend to communicate from the ‘Top Layer,’ and do not convey our true feelings or desires to our partner. Doing so can create a situation of confusion, defensiveness and will eventually lead to the distraction from the real issues.

To improve such situations, always try to communicate with ‘Bottom Layer,’ be open during the time of conversations and tell your partner whatever you feel particular about the situation. Tell them what makes you sad, what you do not like or what you want them to do. However, it does not mean that you neglect their desires. You must also be willing to adjust according to their needs and desires.

All these expressions have to ability to create an instant sense of empathy as it requires you to be honest and gives you the capability to go deep inside each other’s heart. Moreover, doing so will dissipate the tension between you two, and you will be able to find the solutions together. Never use the non-reactive phrases, for example, ‘You are such a jerk…’ instead, you can go for the expressive phrases, which include ‘I felt hurt by….’ and many more.

Try To Understand…Not Agree

It is easy to say then performing it. There are times when you just want to finish the dispute between you two and hence, you agree on whatever the things your partner is telling you to do. At that time, it does not matter at all, whether you have liked it or not.
Never try to finish any argument like this, rather try to show some maturity and understand what your partner is trying to explain you. In this way, you will be able to have an opportunity to know his or her perspective. It will eventually lead to better understanding, more attachment between you to.

Try To Make Your Apology Count

Saying ‘Sorry..’ is easy. But what is more, important is to mean it. Rather try to understand that you partner is hurt by your actions and hence, apologize from your heart. Doing so will reshape your relationship and make everything better again.

It is very important to manage your relationships, especially if you are in the initial phase of it. Therefore, never think of ending any relationship, when it is not working out. Rather try to fix it by working on it along with your partner.