It can be very suffocating and irritating when you are in a relationship, and suddenly your partner starts distancing himself from you. That is the point when you start thinking why do men pull away? The biggest reason behind this is not giving enough space to your guy. As this anxiety builds up, a stage comes where he decides or makes up his mind of leaving her.

Why Men Pull Away?

The first and the foremost thing you need to do if you want to save your relationship is give him space and understand him. Make sure you do not connect your feelings with your insecurities. There are so many reasons in this world for the same. I have listed out some of the important reasons that may make your men pull away. Try to avoid these points and have a happy relationship.

  1. Different Places Emotionally:

It may happen that you are ready for a serious relationship but you man is not. You want to get emotionally attached to him, but he is not ready to take the responsibility. The reason behind it can be that he is unsure or confused about his feelings. Whatever the case may be, he will start pulling himself away from you. This kind of situation happens in those relationships where one partner expects more than the other. It creates an imbalance that may lead to a breakup.

  1. Had Sex Too Quickly:

Another reason can be the sexual energy you posses when you are in a relationship. Take some time before involved into a physical relationship. After knowing the person well enough, you can build that trust. Sleeping with a guy soon after you meet him cannot be a great idea. Otherwise after  some time he will try pulling himself away from you.

  1. He Feels Stifled:

Most of the studies have shown that a woman felt very connected and loved towards a man based on the amount of time she spends with him. It is not the same as the men. According to the research, they need more space to breathe. Women who are overly jealous, who clingers and very demanding from the rest may indirectly make her men separated from the relationship.

Make sure you give personal space to your guy. When you are lovestruck, even few hours can look years but you need to do this if you give importance to your relationship more than yourself. Let him spend some time with his friends and engage him in those activities that he likes the most. You can also hang out with your friends as they are also important.

  1. Lack Of Chemistry:

It is very vital that two people should have a strong chemistry between them. Better understanding of each other increases the chemistry. In some cases, you experience the chemistry in the beginning but after some time it goes. Long term relationships should have that kind of true love chemistry which will never wear off. This type of chemistry inspires long-term commitment.

If he is making you feel that this chemistry is not between you two, it means that he has understood that this relationship is not the right for him. If it is happening with you, do not worry because you are not alone. It happens with most of the people where they feel all lovey-dovey in the starting but after some time it vanishes somewhere.

One way to deal with this problem of lack of chemistry is to sit down and talk. It is very important to communicate with each other about this issue that will give you the clear overview of everything like whether to make an effort or not to connect in a better way again.

  1. One Of You Has Cheated:

If you have never cheated on someone, you may not know how it feels to get the betrayal from your partner. The most important ingredient for a successful relationship is love. If you are cheating your partner, you are playing with the trust of him/her.

If ou are cheating on your guy and he knows about it, it will take a lot of time for him to build that trust in your relationship once again. He will surely back off and walk away from you. Even if you feel guilty about it, it is quite difficult for a man to accept you once again. He will re-evaluate everything and think whether he wants to proceed further with this relationship or not.

If he is the one who is cheating on you, he will start making distance from you. You will start getting the hints. In most of the cases, it is not a pleasurable act. Later on the person feels a lot of guilt and it becomes unbearable to him. He starts feeling ashamed and detach himself from you by thinking that he does not deserve you.

How To Deal With This Problem:

So, if you are worried about all this and want your man to commit more of his presence, time, love and attention towards you. Then make sure you follow these suggestions that I am going to mention now.

Try not to suffer if your man is withdrawing from the relationship. Instead of suffering, try to understand him. All the relationship problems come because of the lack of understanding of men. If you know how to deal with this problem, your man will respect you and commit even more to you. Problems in a relationship start when one person starts taking other for granted. Same happens with most of the girls. So, ladies make your guy feel special with all your heart to experience the true love in your life.

Now you know why do men pull away? And also the solution of this problem. Try not to force your relationship and enjoy this amazing feeling.