Breakups can be a daunting experience, it throws life in jeopardy, and everything you believed comes to a standstill. Just like the saying “It is easy to fix anything but a broken heart”. Whether the commitment goes awry, it can leave individuals stuck in a state of unfathomable grief. Some rant a few weeks and move on while there are some who secretly spy their ex-partners while the rest, unfortunately, end their lives. But, if you are here reading this article, we will attempt rescuing your heart by helping you deal with a breakup. So, how to deal with A breakup?? We know for sure no measures can heal the broken heart with mere instructions of what to do and who not to. But, with time and some effort, you shall certainly walk back into a normal life where you will learn to reconfigure your future.

How To Deal With A Breakup?

Did you know when a relationship ends it can affect an individual’s overall state of existence?  Waking up from a damaged relationship may seem like the hardest part.

When a breakup occurs, it can block our vision of themselves and could walk down a path where the suffering individual may have an identity crisis, especially the more serious you were into your ex.

But, it is important that you define the grieving period. You must make sure you will wake up from the psychological trauma. If you are unsure of your suffering period, you will remain in the state of being lost, you could be doing some serious damage to yourself and compromising your chance of recovery.

It is paramount that you make yourself feel better irrespective of who initiated the breakup. Albeit, the saying goes that “time heals all wounds”; you could try taking control of the situation and improving things for you. It is to ensure you are not tormenting your health or emotional state of existence.

Here are five ways to help you deal with a breakup.

1. Liberate Your Feelings In Writing Or Speaking To Another

It is essential to liberate your trapped emotions. After a breakup, there can be a lot of stress from the feelings stuck deep within your heart. Liberate it! Don’t let them remain inside and take control over you. Pick a journal, write it out. It doesn’t matter what you write, but just write all that till you feel a sense of relief. Alternatively, you could speak to a friend, cry it out, or even consult a therapist. If there is someone to genuinely care and listen to listen to all your feeling the better are your chances of improving the situation.  The objective of writing or speaking to another is to gain clarity of the situation.

2. Do Not Ignore Your Body

While staring at the face of a breakup, it may feel impossible for many people to maintain a balanced diet. Many people forcefully try and do things to attempt looking better than their ex (a way of seeking revenge for being dumped). But, the fact is ignored that, you are rather punishing and drowning yourself in the feelings of rejection. And in worst cases, you may even pick up nasty eating habits where you would end up piling weight.

So, if you insist on making a full recovery from the breakup, it is important to pay attention to your health. Eat nourishing food that will help your body and mind heal and make a full recovery from the source rather than attempting to recover bits and pieces of yourself. You will need to eat fresh greens, fibre and protein rich food to boost your health physically and psychologically.

It is also important you do not treat food as a means of helping you recover. A little junk food is alright, but eating a lot of it can lead to the production of cortisol, a stress-inducing hormone.

3. Remain Active But Don’t Push Yourself Over Limits

The problem faced by many individuals during the stages of breakup is to overdo what is being done to recover. Some people take to the gym or intense exercising and become lost in the process by pushing themselves to the limits.  So, do not get into a compulsive behavior. It is alright to indulge in a cardio to relieve stress and improve your mood. But, know the limits and understand when to stop. You need to get active in a way it does not burden your body. So, do not shut yourself down, don’t pity yourself and focus on improving the situation for you.

If your exercising is accompanied by your friends, it would be advantageous as it will be therapeutic to remain in the company of those you trust.

4. There Are Greater Things In Life You Must Make Yourself Aware

Do not stare at the loss and overwhelm your life with the disappointing memory. It is a priority to liberate yourself from the pain and loss. Initially, it may be a daunting task to focus on the positive side of life while being neck deep from the negative impact of break up. You will need to practice gratitude to improve things and to have a better vision or outlook for life itself. It will allow a positive headspace. You will be able to brighten the outlook towards life by listing out the things you can be thankful for.

5. Focus On Doing Things You Love

Once you are pounded by the wave of break up, it may seem difficult to find things that impress you and make you feel lively. But if you intend to improve the quality of living for yourself, you will have to get out and focus on working things out. Make coffee with a friend, travel to great places to unravel yourself (of course with your friend or a trusted company). Caring for yourself will be therapeutic to help yourself back on tracks. So, why not do things that make you smile?

Try going to a movie with your friends, watch comedy movies that you feel lighter inside and you will learn to smile again. It will certainly help you reboot from the difficult experience. But, no matter what you do, you mustn’t subject yourself to loneliness.

Laughter will help heal the ordeal physically and psychologically.