No matter what century you live in, attracting a girl is always the next big thing for guys. Whether, it’s the school, shopping mall, concerts, or sports event; it’s hard to miss a girl whom you couldn’t help not feeling attracted to. So, if you have made up your mind to get to know her better, you will have to get a few things right, and you are set to sweep her off the feet. So, how to attract a girl you liked? Here is how you do it the right way.

how to attract a girl

Being Awesome

Yes! That’s an upright answer. Just being awesome will earn her attention. Most of the times, the power of self-esteem and confidence are overlooked. A girl will certainly notice that one guy in the crowd who is just brimming with confidence and self-esteem.  But wait, she is just not that into you yet! You will need to get suave with all that charm after making the first impression. Don’t let her first impression about you be regret. So, keep it original, because eventually you will only get what you deserve.  Here are some efforts you can do to reinforce her first impression about you:

  • Your confidence would gain mileage if you took extracurricular classes to fine-tune your skills and interests. Learn an extra language maybe.
  • Volunteering isn’t something you must do to impress, but if you are a person naturally inclined to help those in need, you will certainly be secretly noticed by the girl.

You will need to pay special attention to this one – be original and don’t ever compare with anyone.

Comparing will get you from here to a total failure. It is the sign of an insecure individual to compare with other people. You must acknowledge that you are one of a kind, and your character can’t be altered by trying to look like someone else. So, pretending to be someone else and flaunt yourself in pride no matter what form you are in. Remember, if you are deliberately trying to impress the girls will notice it. Nothing is off putting than being around a person who is pushing too hard trying to impress. Don’t let the poser alarm go off. Many individuals sport gangsta looks trying to look cool despite coming from a rich neighborhood. So being original is the only way to attract a girl.

Your physical appearance will play a significant role in making her want to explore your personality better. So, your hygiene is always a priority. Make sure you are clean, healthy and smelling good. Women find clean looking men irresistible and worth paying attention.  Ask yourself, if you aren’t capable of paying attention to your hygiene what makes you think you will take care of her? So, invest in a good body wash, clean your garments and above else, make sure you have a good breath. Nobody needs to know if you had bacon for lunch.

When I meant valuing the appearance, it doesn’t mean that you will have to buy an expensive tag on your choice of fabric. Your looks will appeal if your clothes fit you well and look clean.

Your hair is the next big thing she will check out. So keep them clean and greased adequately. But don’t use a lot of hair gel to get a wet look, neither should it be rock hard.

Looks don’t complete the character without an equally appealing personality. Don’t be grumpy, upset or pose like a mercenary. Killer looks are Ok, but we weren’t referring to a contract killer looks. Make yourself approachable and have a friendly appearance and don’t forget to smile.

Girls like the company of smart men and will swoon over them. If you are sufficiently knowledgeable, you still qualify for a cool individual. But, don’t be a dis who thinks he knows it all. If you are a responsible person who likes to make things better for self and people around, it will certainly pass as an appealing personality. If you show that you are doing something worth doing with your life, it is a certain qualifier.

Read more to be knowledgeable. Girls like readers, and even if you failed to impress a girl, all that knowledge isn’t going to trash.

If you are a planned individual who has a perfect pitch of where the goals and ambitions are, it will earn the respect and likes of a woman you adore.

If you are passionate about a hobby or activity, it is recommended that you pursue it seriously. Men following their passion are an attractive thing for women.

Make Her Happy

Before you profess your romantic interest towards the girl, you will have to let her know t=you are interested in her. Being a listener has its perks. Women love guys who listen to everything they have to say, no matter how boring the contents of the conversation are when a guy is willing to listen, it’ll make her feel wanted.

Do not get judgmental or critical at any point of your interaction with her. To know a woman, don’t wait for her to speak up, you can initiate by asking her about family, hobbies and other lists of common interests.  But make sure, you aren’t skeptical or disrespectful of her opinion.  If you want a girl to adore you, treat them with respect. Of course, if you give respect you also get it in return.

Find the commonalities between you and her. It is a great conversation starter when you have something to talk about. What more impressive can it be, if not the common interests?  Ask what movies she likes to watch and the list of things she likes to do in her spare time. The more commonalities you have, the better your bond will grow.

Before you express your romantic interest, you must learn to be a good friend. But then, there is a significant risk of you ending up in the friend zone if you linger around a lot being a friend. But, if you showed interest towards her, she will certainly appreciate it as if it starts from a friendship.

When she has a difficult day, she is going to need a shoulder; you must be supportive and help her relieve her problems. Make yourself available when she needs you the most. Sometimes even if you cannot help solve her problems, she just wants you to listen.

It is the most important rule. She will almost instantly stop dealing with you in all forms the moment she notices a creep lingering in your personality. Don’t ever stare a girl you just met deeply and then shift your focus. Don’t stare at her sensual places to pleasure yourself. It’s a strict no! Making any form of sexual advances at her without her consent is sexual assault even if you were her good friend. Of course, good friends wouldn’t make such a gesture. Stave away from cheesy pickup lines unless you want her looking for an exit from which she isn’t ever coming back