Birthdays can be a great deal especially if it is your girlfriend’s. It is important to most men to make their women feel good on their birthday. They would do everything to make sure its a memorable experience. But, it is no easy task to find the ideal gift for your lover. Also, there isn’t a common equation that applies to finding the right gift for women. It all depends on individual choices and taste for things. In some situations, they may prefer your presence alone over any gifts. But, in case you are desirous of choosing a gift we will help you out to figure the right choice. So what to get your girlfriend for her birthday? Read ahead to know.

What To Get Your Girlfriend For Her Birthday

Gathering Intelligence

Remembering your girlfriend’s birthday is the top priority. In fact, it is the best way to show your affection towards her and indicate that you care about her.  So, pay attention to your calendar.

To pull off the birthday in a perfect manner, you will need some prior preparation, and when we say prior, we do not mean a night earlier. You will have to be well prepared days in advance.

There is no excuse for missing her birthday. It is essential to be a functional conversationalist to look for hints about what she likes and dislikes. As the days draw closer, it pays to be extra attentive.

Pay attention when you go shopping, she will tell you what she likes. Cautiously, note the details without keeping it loud else, you cannot give a perfect surprise.

Almost anything could qualify as a gift as long as you are giving an ear to her comments and thoughts. If you stay together, look at her browsing history to see the products she was checking out online. But, do not cross your limits and be investigative.

When you are planning a surprise, make sure you do not give her a rude surprise as a joke. She may take most jokes but not the ones that have embarrassment potential, and especially not on her birthday. Remember, she need not like something because you like it.

The best ways to look for her interests are to pay attention to her conversation while she is around her girlfriends. Girls discuss their wish list often during a group conversation. It could be your chance to plan early what gift to buy her.

If none of these methods work, ask her directly what she wants, it will fetch you an upright answer. Also, it is a much safer option than speculating the wish list or wondering if she would appreciate the surprise.  Less risk involves when you ask an honest question.

Don’t get all merry if she denies wanting a gift. You may save a little extra for skipping the gift, and so will your cheapo reputation too. So, rather than avoiding a purchase, look for crockery, crafts or dinner set to celebrate your togetherness. It will certainly impress her.

There are some women who like little things that make them happy. Spending quality time with her will overwhelm her with happiness, and that’s all she may need.

The most common mistake committed by most men is to assume that when the cost goes north, the gift becomes dearer. A better gift is something that she wanted all along, and you have got it for her as a surprise. But, certainly not the most expensive piece of random something (or anything).

Gifting very pricey things in the earlier stages of the relationship without analyzing, if she wanted it or not will put her off.

Most women understand if the affordability of gift has forced their partner to choose an alternative. Don’t be disheartened if you have failed to buy your partner the gift they wanted dearly.  So, it isn’t wrong to look for a less expensive gift if you cannot fulfill her expensive desires. Try a perfume maybe?

Look at her pins on the Pinterest. It’ll reveal her passions and will make it easier for you to figure out what she likes.

While secretly looking for gifts make sure you do not cross the limits and invade her privacy.

Planning The Party

Planning and punctuality must work hand in hand to accomplish the objective of a perfect gift. Skip the last minute plans that will land you in soup.  It is always a hassle to make last minute reservation or to ask your boss for a day off so you could spend time with her. Procrastination isn’t a healthy option if you want to make her happy, and it certainly doesn’t make a memorable birthday.

If you are inviting guests to the party, make sure you have prearranged and made a schedule with the guests.

If you insist on taking your girl to a museum, you must prepare in advance with regards to the museum rules, tickets, and the visitation hours. It must seem like you have worked it all in a controlled sequence rather than a last minute hustle.

Cards, flowers, or both will go a long way to impressing her. While they may not necessarily qualify as an expensive gift, they will certainly earn her love and affection, especially when you have carefully put your thought into finding the right gift.

It may seem old school, but it never ages. Women of all generations love flowers. It will incite happiness and will make her romantic. So, chose her a nice bouquet, if you are aware of her favorite flowers, it will cherish the moment and make her blush. But, make sure that she isn’t allergic to the flowers.

If you are ordering a gift online, then you must be fully aware of the stipulated time of delivery to avoid last minute delays and surprises.

Events are one of the ways you can make her feel happy, if you are aware of any local events or a concert, check if they have something that interests your girlfriend. It could be her favorite musicians or play. You will never miss an important moment if you have been paying keen attention to the event lists.