Cheating is not an appropriate word to say in every case because for a woman to leave her husband, her home, her love, father of her children is not easy. Women don’t cheat when they are in happy relationships.By nature women are faithful. However, some of them leave their husbands or cheat them due of various reasons. The reasons may vary in each case. Some cheat on their husbands for fun, some for adventure, some because of the boredom and some due to the inequality they face in the relationship. Women tend to do two-time for many reasons. It’s not just the matter of sex; it’s the matter of respect and love. Also, compromising nature of women have evolved a lot with many changes. Earlier compromise was only meant for women,but now women want equal status and if they don’t get what they desire they discover other means to be happy.

The notion that only urban women cheat on their husbands has also changed nowadays, and the number also have significantly increased because they can’t afford divorce, they adopt deceitful means. Research claims that men are interested in sex while women enjoy emotional relationship. Women believe in love and bonding, but not captivity. Keeping women restricted because of marriage is not just. Also, it is found that men usually cheat for physical intimacy while women cheat more for the emotional one. Women are still emotionally attached to the relationships. And whether say it their nature or blame it to their hormonal changes, they always want to feel desired, wanted and irresistible.

Why Do Women Cheat On Their Husbands?


This article is intended to explore few reasons for why women cheat their husbands. Additionally, article will give you insight on understanding the nature of relationship breakup.

So, get hooked to your screen because now I am unlocking the secrets of why women cheat on their husbands.

1. Lack Of Attention

Can you manage without receiving special attention or love from someone for more than a week? How will you feel when your wife don’t bother to ask you for anything or don’t give a two-minute call while being busy? So, dear husbands the same goes with your wife too. If we believe researches, we will found that women are more emotionally strong than men. But if she is cheating you, just give a second thought and think how many hardships she has gone through before ditching you. Women also desire mental and emotional attachment. If you are not giving this to her, it’s very obvious for her to go for another partner. Women, usually who are deprived of attention, compliments and compassion go for two-timing.

2. Lack Of Intimacy And Understanding

The first reason which I gave above and the second one in some ways are inter-related. If you have no time for your wife, it’s obvious that you don’t have for intimate moments too. And the lack of intimacy leads to depression and no satisfaction in one’s body. So, if your wife is seeing someone else before blaming her try to bring out the rusted love that has got hidden between you two. It is not enough; there are many chances that being good at bed don’t solve the issue. Imagine being at bed with someone whom you don’t know well, how awkward it would be. The same applies to your wife too, if you don’t have an emotional connection with her, how you can expect her to be comfortable in bed with you. Also in many studies it is found that lack of understanding between the couples leads to the cheating affair. There is a general conception that only men are wild and can fantasize, but it’s not true in every case. Many women chose to take different part because of their husband’s narrow-mindedness. Sometimes husbands find their wives’ desires very wild and weird that makes them feel embarrassed.

3. Excitement Seeker

It’s not just because of you, your woman is leaving. Sometimes they are responsible for it too. I am not judging but as I said in the introduction, women always want to feel desired, wanted and irresistible. So, there are many women who are excitement seeker and sometimes they take a chance to apply it in their relation too. She wants to be wanted, to feel special but when she misses that feeling in her spouse’s eyes, she goes looking for it outside the marriage.

4. Sometimes It’s The Wrong Marriage

There are times when we feel we are on a wrong path, trapped in something that we don’t want to happen. It’s not the arrange marriage, many a times in love marriages too people feel trapped. Because love and marriage are two different affairs and sometimes people misunderstand that being in love with someone doesn’t guarantee a good partner, also after marriage many things change and become different. So, if after marriage wives don’t get that kind of attention the way they used to get before marriage; they prefer to walk outside their marriage or hold someone else hand to feel complete.

5. Tit For Tat

Revenge, in today’s world taking revenge, has become a very common trend. As women have become more independent and open now, they feel nothing bad in taking revenge whether it will lead them to a dark path. Also, being cheated on is a very difficult act to forgive. One feels deceived, hurt, angry and sad. It also affects one’s self-esteem. It negatively affects your relationship and the ability to trust your partner again.

So, some women feel that cheating on him as revenge will solve the issue but the truth is very far away from the reality. Cheating someone for revenge never solves anything but it makes things worse.