You are in love for a long time and still waiting for your guy’s proposal for the marriage, don’t worry, we will list you the ways on how to get him to propose you. If you are sure that he is the one, whom you want to marry and spend the rest of your life, make him realize that you are for him only. Marriage is an important part of life and for some women it is more than a custom. But women find themselves confused when their partners have not showed interest towards it after a long relationship. However, there are certain situations where the guy is dragging his feet, trying hard; just he needs a little extra push.

So, here we are giving you some tips on how to get him to propose and make a great couple. But before that I suggest you first to know yourself, your side; whether you want to play a role of masculine you or feminine you. Most of the time, women in relationships struggle in knowing themselves only.

If you have always taken the initiative, whether it is to go somewhere or to plan a date or dinner together, then leave the hope of taking a further step from his side because for him you are the initiator always and you’re playing the masculine side of your relationship. However, if you are sure about the role, then follow these tips and get your man to propose you.

How To Get A Man To Commit?

marraige ring

1.Is It The Right Time

Yes, the very first step towards the marriage is getting sure first. Before doing anything, first ask yourself are you ready for the marriage, is the marriage thing for you. Also, make sure that you two know each-other well. Now, if you’re sure, move your steps forward and follow these tips.

2.Try To Be The Perfect One

Be the perfect one doesn’t mean to be the one you are not. It means to be honest and being yourself. If you want to marry him, show him that side and make him realize that he has got everything that he wants to be in his girl. Never fake yourself before him, if he knows you well, he will find it.

3.Find out if he is ready

Now, the next step is to find out if he is ready or not. Guys like to take responsibilities, and they take themselves as the head of the family or the decision maker and with the decision-making thing many responsibilities come along. So, first give him the time to be able to handle responsibilities; but not only wait for him but also help him and try to be the real half-mate in every sense. Also don’t directly ask him about the marriage every time but yes show him through different gestures and examples that how important is marriage for you.

4.Take Care Of Him

If you have shifted with him, show me that you are the best as his wife. Take care of his choices and try to do those things that interest him. And if you have not shifted, don’t worry you can also do wifely-things, like preparing lunch for him or inviting him on dinner after office. Boys like small things that you do for them, so don’t mess up while thinking big things; just remembering him to shave will make him feel ‘awww’ towards you.

5. Appreciate Him

Everyone likes appreciation, and it would also encourage someone to do better. This is one of the things in the world that everyone likes, and that encourages. So, appreciate him on his achievements, encourage him to do better and make him realize that what he has done is a part of his capability, he can do even better. Also, don’t discourage or grieve on his failure. Everyone has to face the different phases in life and all that happen is for good only. Always try to motivate him on his failure and make him feel that you are the part of his life’s every phase; failure or victory is not his only but yours too. Be by his side always no matter what happens.

6. Be Frank With Him

Be frank with him and discuss what you feel about your relationship. Don’t lie and keep it very friendly and light. Don’t stress yourself or him for anything and keep it in a chilled out way. Tell him what you don’t like in him and would be happy if he would change that thing; also do the vice-verse. Also ask him what he feels about the future, but yes not regularly.

7. Don’t stress him with the planning of your dream wed

As the sub-head itself defines the content, I just want to suggest that don’t talk too much about your dream or destined wedding. Probably, he likes the idea of marrying you, but your demands may sound too high to him.

8. Say Yes

Yes, start saying yes in those things that make your man feel happy. But make sure you don’t lose your identity. Make him feel special and happy by involving yourself in his decisions but don’t put your self-respect aside. Always remember that ego and self-respect has a very thin line, know that difference and cherish your relationship. Also, make sure that he understands these basic things well.

9. Say No

Guys like self-directive, independent and strong girls, so say what you feel without hesitating and feeling insecure. A woman who can say NO when she means is a woman in her power and is incredible attractive to her men if he is sensible enough to understand these.

Done with all these steps, but nothing happened yet. No need to worry. If you’ve been waiting and waiting and still haven’t heard the ‘wife’ or ‘marriage’, it might be time to sit and talk with your man patiently. Simply ask him what he thinks about the relationship and where you two stand in it. Again, don’t come up with aggression, maintain your cool. There are chances that he tells what you want to hear, but it is guaranteed that this conversation will put an end to all your questions.