Traditionally, it is usually only the bride wears an engagement ring while her male counterpart does not. But times have changed. People wonder — do men wear engagement rings? Yes, it is only a new concept, but is gaining acceleration. A recent survey says that five percent of engaged men wear engagement rings, also referred to as mangagement  rings and 67% of them are open to wearing these. This article discusses the reasons why men wear engagement rings, and how to buy one of those.

Why Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings

Here are reasons why more men are wearing their engagement rings these days.

1. Marriages Are Becoming More Equal Than Ever Before

These days, about 80% women below 30 years of age support their marriage by earning along with their husbands. With this, they share the financial responsibilities of the home, and this has become an essential too with raising prices of commodities and services. This is one of the reasons why jewelers are into selling mangagement  rings of late.

2. To Bring Balance Into The Traditional Practice

The traditional practice of women alone wearing an engagement ring is quite imbalanced. The engagement ring tells others that the girl is already taken. If a girl’s status is informed to the world, so should be her man’s too. Besides, the imbalanced practice was followed during days when only men initiated approaching and courtship. But gone are those days. Today, both men and women initiate these. So, it is important for them to know whether or not the person they are interested in is engaged with someone else. Furthermore, a girl is pleased when her fiance lets the world around him know that he is taken.

3. Male Engagement Rings Are Real Cheap

For those of you who think buying two engagement rings will be a costly affair, and thus restrain to buying just one for the girl, cool down the mangagement rings cost far too less than their female counterparts. For example, the Tioro Ring by a British jeweler costs just $204 while an average female engagement rings can costs as heavy as $5,431 bucks!

4. Whether Or Not The Lady Proposes, It Works!

Do men wear engagement rings, even if the girl has not initiated the proposal? Yes, they do. So, even for those who are still into conventional thinking, and do not want to give up the age-old tradition of men making the proposal also, the concept of mangagement rings work. This is because mangagement rings do not necessarily mean that the lady has made the initiative.

5. Celebrities Are Following This Practice

Some people love doing what famous people do. If you are also one in this list, then you would love the concept of male engagement ring as celebrities wear these. Jennifer Hudson, the renowned American actress, singer and spokesperson gave a mangagement ring to her fiancé; and Michael Buble, the famous Canadian singer, song writer and actor wore one when he got engaged.

6. It Is A Sign Of Progress

In this advanced age, progress is depicted by equality. Men and women can both display their commitment to each other publicly by wearing engagement rings. This way equality can be established. In one sense, progress also means parting with your money. But, parting with your money for the woman you love does not matter at all, right?

7. Men Feel Slighted

Men love adorning themselves too. In the late 1990s, men who loved to dress up and enjoy stuff such as jewelry were referred to as “metrosexuals”. Now, the concept has changed, and men who adorn themselves with designer outfits and jewelry as increasing more and more. Men feel quite slighted when their girl receives a beautiful engagement ring while he gets nothing at all. Therefore, the concept of male engagement ring has attracted more men towards it these days.

8. New Traditions Are Welcomed Happily By The Younger Generation

The new generation favors pursuing their path. Numerous young people want to push aside age-old traditions. This change is not necessarily an unpleasant thing. Remember, once upon a time using a diamond engagement ring was unheard of, now look the way it has turned out. No engagement is complete without a diamond ring today! Likewise, this new tradition of male engagement is now filling the air with celebration, and it is time to enjoy it!

How To Buy An Engagement Ring For Your Man?

The masculine male engagement rings are available for purchase in many local and online stores out there. For those of who prefer specific styles of rings, online stores are good as the collection is better there. Though these mangagement rings are sold as wedding bands, they often bear a big accent or center stone. Remember the following while you buy these.

  • Jewelry stores have a variety of masculine engagement rings. Male and female engagement rings that are similar are available. Likewise, there are also dissimilar rings available as a set.
  • Make sure that the engagement ring chosen for your man doesn’t end up feminine as women are attracted more towards feminine things than masculine ones.
  • Look for the four C’s in the diamond fixed in the ring. These include color, clarity, cut and carat.
  • Ensure that the ring that you choose is sturdy enough too. It should withstand the daily rough and tough lifestyle of a man.
  • Ensure that it is stylish and romantic as well. Browse over the net to check out the images of various engagement rings. There will also be sites that display men wearing those rings. This will let you know whether a ring will look good on your guy’s hand or not.
  • It should make your man stand out in the crowd. Buying something that everyone else is wearing will not do this. Go for something rare and elegant.
  • It should suit your budget. It is wise to decide upon your budget for the ring well ahead. This will help you save some money towards it.
  • It should suit your man’s finger. So sizing is essential before you buy an engagement ring for him.
  • You can short list a few rings of your choice and then let your man decide upon his final choice. This way you can also avoid buying something that he doesn’t like.