A relationship is one of the best things that happen in life, it is a pleasure to be a part of a happy relationship. There are lots of advices coming up, and they are both good and bad to take care of your relationship. Take the ones that can make your relationship worth sharing. Keeping your man happy is one of the secrets of a happy relationship. You will now want to know how to keep your man happy. Few simple and easy tips help you to accomplish this. Read on to know.

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How To Keep Your Man Happy?

How to keep a man happy? There are certain things you must know to accomplish this. The primary thing in the relationship is to respect your man or husband. Treat him in the way as you like to be treated. Always pick the advice that suits your relationship.

1. Give Him Room

How much ever your boyfriend is mad at you. He always need some time to himself don’t force him for his presence all the 24 hours. You can sometimes

  • Make plans without him and tell him he can do anything he is interested. Say for instance playing games, hanging around with friends or having beer. Allow him to do whatever he feels.
  • Pursue your interests as now you find time for yourself. You can have a balanced and complete life even being part of a happy relationship.
  • You both will once realize that both of you need some personal room once in a while. This makes you a happy couple and will appreciate and enjoy the time that spent together.

2. Open Up If Any Issues

Do not bottle up if there are any problems or issues in the relationship. Sit back and talk to your man to resolve those.

  • Your man appreciates this type of behavior instead of screaming at him on the roads. He will now listen to your words. Take them on board instead of defending himself.
  • Similarly, allow him to speak up if he has any issues. Be a patient listener and never ignore his concerns. Your man will be happy if you show him that his opinions and feelings are considered.

3. Appreciation And Love

Modern day boyfriends and husbands are sensitive and help you in doing small things also. They cook your dinner, buy you flowers and massage your feet after long stressful day. Respond to their approach and do something that makes them happy.

  • All those things are wonderful though they are small. Don’t take it for granted, make sure you recognize it.
  • Whenever he does something, acknowledge and appreciate it. Be affectionate, give him a hug or kiss him and tell him “I Love You.” He will be glad to know that you are happy because of his deeds.

4. Relationship Is Always Two-Way

Remember making your man or husband happy without you being happy is not of any use.

  • Relationship works two ways. If you are putting lot of efforts and get nothing out of it. Then it is time to you ask yourself “Is the relationship worth it.”
  • Especially if the relationship is going great and some external disturbances are making you sad fix the disturbances. There are chances your men will notice this and he may feel unhappy, particularly if he can do nothing about it.

5. Honesty Is the Best Policy

Honesty indeed is the best policy coming to the relationship. Be honest with your boyfriend or husband. Being untruthful will give you back same.

  • Tell your man honestly about where are you going, whom are you meeting and how are you feeling. You cannot expect honesty only from his side and you being dishonest.
  • Even if your man does not like the truth, he will like your honesty. Now he will trust you and trust is the building block of any relationship.

6. Compliment Him

Like women, men also like compliments. Praise them generously.

  • Tell him if you are impressed by his talk or anything that he has done for you. Don’t assume that he knows.
  • You can even tell him that he looks great in a suit, impressed with the project he is working for. A true compliment from you takes him on cloud nine.
  • More importantly praise him in the presence of friends and family. He will be extremely happy as this boosts his ego.

7. Never Make Him Feel Jealous

Most women, when they are upset or angry about their men, make this mistake of trying to make their men feel jealous.

  • This always has an adverse effect on your man or husband. It makes him feel hurt, betrayed and angry. Your man even may lose trust in you and this may harm your relationship.
  • Put yourself in his shoes. If you had gone wrong somewhere and you may seek another chance from him. Now you should not be thinking so much to give him another chance.

8. Being A Support System

Everybody has down points. Do not hurt him or criticize him by telling “I told you.” Rather, take this chance to become his support system and boost him to be back.

You can remind him why he is the best and why did you chose him among others. Make him feel he is the best one this makes him feel grateful and happy towards you.

9. Giving Him A Massage

Every man love being pampered. Pick any time to give your man or husband a soothing massage.

  • Pick a day when your boyfriend is feeling stressed and tired. Set up the room with massage oil, music, and candles.
  • You can ask your man to undress and lie down on his tummy. Now give your magical massage by gently rubbing his shoulders, back, and neck.
  • Do the massage for at least 20 minutes, to make him feel completely relaxed.

10. Spontaneous

Break the usual routine and make him surprised by making something spontaneously.

  • You can get tickets for a concert, arrange a wine tasting session, take him to the art exhibition or host some games the whole night for other couples.
  • If your partner is adventurous, you can try skydiving, road trip or whale watching trip.

Note: Collect all the necessary details beforehand so that your man has not to be stressed on that day.

These tips help you know how to make your man happy.