Most of the people believe in “Love, at First Sight.” However, mostly it is infatuation. True love is something that takes time to shape out. Finding your true love does not skip your heartbeat. Then how to find true love? Be sensitive to know the signs of true love. Successful relationship takes things slowly. As you read on you will become aware of what is true love and how to find it.

What Is True Love?

True love is beyond definitions. True love is the one all are chasing, but only find it or realize it at the right time. So, true love is kind of affection and love you express towards someone and is not bound by any laws of human behavior. Behavior of human beings is simple and easily understandable. Some of the basic human behavior traits are feeling jealous if someone gets lucky or got a great job, feeling angry when hurt, feeling of revenge when ego is hurt or humiliated.

When you are in true love, the primal behavior and instincts change only towards that person. True love is more than typical human behavior. It makes you better towards your special person.

When Do I Experience True Love?

True love needs time to blossom. First year of relationship is about sexual attraction and infatuation. The shades of infatuation start fading away as you have first arguments and misunderstandings. Most couples depart emotionally at this point causing a breakup.

If you are sharing an intimate relationship and both of you can understand each other completely and you feel you are compatible with each other then probably you are in true love. Then are you wondering will I ever find love that is true. Below given are signs of true love.

12 Signs: How To Find True Love?

Restricting true love to a definition is hard. However, there are few signs of true love that are evident in a relationship to say it is true love.

1. Happiness: The glimpse of that special person laughing or smiling loud fills you with happiness even if you had a hard day.

2. Giving & Taking: You are giving anything to the relationship happily and wholeheartedly without expecting anything in return from the partner.

3. Sacrifice: Making sacrifices for your partner even if they don’t realize.

4. Anger And Pain: You are hurt by your lover, but you are not angry at their actions. Frustration or getting annoyed is momentary as you cannot give them the silent treatment for long as it hurts you more.

5. You Cannot Hurt Your Partner: Hurting them physically or emotionally is something you cannot tolerate even if you are hurt by them. Revenge is basic human instinct, but true love makes you selfless.

6. Right Effort: You can go to any lengths to make your partner feel special and loved. Constantly put an effort to make your relationship better by pleasing your partner.

7. Space For Individual: Perfect relationship is the one that provides space for both to groom you individually. As part of the true relationship, you will always see your partner as part of life. When planning for the future you will always see them on your side.

8. Keep Up Your Promises: You will always keep up your promise to that special person even if the person will never know if you break it. True love makes your moral conscience strong especially when in the case of this person.

9. Share The Burden Of Your Partner: You will share the burden of your partner even if there is no need to do so. You cannot bear them suffering a little. If they are facing some problems, you always have a helping hand towards them even if you have a lot of things to look into.

10. Suffer: You are willing to suffer for them and keep them happy always.

11. Jealousy And Pride: You feel proud of your partner’s achievement even if you have failed to achieve the same thing. You might have felt jealous about the friend who surpassed you. True love has no room for jealousy.

12. In Their Perspective: Anything you do you are thinking in their perspective. Say for instance planning to hang out with friends or surprise party. You never want to hurt them so you always think in their perspective about anything that involves your partner.

The above signs help you in finding true love.

Are You In True Love?

The above mentioned signs help you distinguish the true love. If you are not experiencing these signs in your relationship, don’t panic your relationship is yet to achieve the emotional maturity to surpass the stage of physical attraction. Take some time and test your relationship. Falling in love with someone does happen by force. If you feel it is not working out, try understanding each other thoroughly. You realize that doing nothing helps you be happy and getting back into the relationship. Maybe, you both should date some other people.

However, if you are part of a happy relationship then go on without changing anything. Unconditional and selfless love takes some time to materialize. Do not forget you cannot promote your relationship to the next level unless both of you are ready for it. Unless and until you and your partner are happy with each other and understand each other, you are in true love.

Is True Love Once In Life Time?

No, you may experience true love multiple times with different people simultaneously. You may experience this from your spouse, children or any other person attached to you. Remember true love also fades with time. Most of us have experienced true love in the first love. When romance dies, the true love for your first partner also gradually fades. It may take years in spite of number of new relationships to overcome. As people enter into multiple relationships, they start splitting into two groups. One group believes in true love and romance while the other group concludes that true love never exists. Your expectations and understanding of true love depends on the kind of relationship you were part of all these days.

There is a difference between true love and romantic love the both are not same. True love is selfless and purest form of love while romantic love needs sexual attraction to exist.